Friday, November 27, 2009

Robot is HERE!

Sorry it took so long, but... school and the internet was distracting me :/. anyways, here it is, the sumobot, you will see more on my NXTLog next week. And yes I made a program file, with a little help with a certain part, you'll see how on the NXTLog. My next project might be a tank or a lawn mower, what I mean by lawn mower is a robotic lawn mower I want to make sometime in the future, im just starting on it. Until then, see ya

Friday, October 16, 2009

New set

I recently got a new set, it is called the "Thunder Driller" from the Power Miners theme. It was Neat, but... It could have more pieces, and the plastic wheels may be useful in someway, they might make a good carpet patrol robot. Anyways, the set had a lot of unique parts, and Will be used for future robots. Plenty of pieces... though it can have more, I would recommend it to NXT-users as well as lego power miner fans, because this set was more technical than I thought it was. Now you know my opinion and the little on what this set has.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Actual part from "iDesign"

It took a while for my teacher to grade, but here it is. My camera doesn't have the best Quality as you can see, but here you can see how my part ended up, hope you like it. The robot is still in process, its another sumo bot I'll say that, but it might take a while for me to actually make a video and show you guys what it can do. The reason is, Our family found a house, and we may move soon, so I need to hold up with the NXT, but im working on it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Programming from my school shop called "iDesign"

I never used this machine before, Until last year when I was taking shop orientation. Im using one in school right now... only its more basic, and easier, but its VERY cool. I made a project on a machine like this last year, it was an image of a scorpion in a transparent white material that looks really cool when shown to light. Anyways, I did a programming for my first project, and we'll get to the coordinates soon. What the teacher expected was a 30-line assignment, and VERY uniquely, I used "Robots Rule!" in my assignment, I'll make an Update on what I did. now you know im taking this class, and what I am to do, now for the code:

N0010 (8-28-09)
N0015 (TORMACH PCNC 1100)
N0020 (T1 3/32 END MILL)
N0025 G00 G40 G49 G80 G90 (SAFETY LINE)
N0030 G20 (INCH UNITS)
N0035 G54 G90
N0040 F8.0
N0045 G00 Z0.1
N0050 M03 S3500.0
N0055 g00 X1.0 Y0.4
N0060 g01 z-0.05
N0065 X1.0 Y1.5
N0070 X2.0 Y1.5
N0075 X2.0 Y1.0
N0080 X1.0 Y1.0
N0085 X1.1 Y1.0
N0090 X1.9 Y0.4
N0095 g00 z0.05
N0100 X2.2 Y1.0
N0105 g01 z-0.05
N0110 X2.2 Y0.4
N0115 X2.7 Y0.4
N0120 X2.7 Y1.0
N0125 g00 z0.05
N0130 X2.9 Y0.4
N0135 g01 z-0.05
N0140 X2.9 Y1.5
N0145 g00 z0.05
N0150 X3.1 Y0.9
N0155 g01 z-0.05
N0160 X3.6 Y0.9
N0165 X3.6 Y0.6
N0170 X3.1 Y0.6
N0175 g00 z0.05
N0180 X3.1 Y0.9
N0185 g01 z-0.05
N0190 X3.1 Y0.4
N0195 X3.6 Y0.4
N0200 g00 z0.05
N0205 X3.8 Y1.4
N0207 g01 z-0.05
N0210 X3.9 Y1.4
N0215 X3.9 Y0.5
N0220 X3.8 Y0.5
N0223 X3.8 Y1.4
N0225 g00 z0.05
N0230 X3.8 Y0.4
N0235 g01 z-0.05
N0240 X3.9 Y0.4
N0245 X3.9 Y0.3
N0250 X3.8 Y0.3
N0255 g00 z0.05
N0260 X1.0 Y2.6
N0265 g01 z-0.05
N0270 X1.0 Y3.5
N0275 X2.0 Y3.5
N0280 X2.0 Y3.0
N0285 X1.0 Y3.0
N0290 X1.1 Y3.0
N0295 X2.0 Y2.6
N0300 g00 z0.05
N0305 X2.2 Y3.1
N0310 g01 Z-0.05
N0315 X2.2 Y2.6
N0320 X2.7 Y2.6
N0325 X2.7 Y3.1
N0330 X2.2 Y3.1
N0335 g00 z0.05
N0340 X2.9 Y3.5
N0345 g01 z-0.05
N0350 X2.9 Y2.6
N0355 X3.4 Y2.6
N0360 X3.4 Y3.1
N0365 X2.9 Y3.1
N0370 g00 z0.05
N0375 X3.6 Y3.1
N0380 g01 z-0.05
N0385 X3.6 Y2.6
N0390 X4.1 Y2.6
N0395 X4.1 Y3.1
N0400 X3.6 Y3.1
N0405 g00 z0.05
N0410 X4.3 Y3.6
N0415 g01 z-0.05
N0420 X4.3 Y2.6
N0425 g00 z0.05
N0430 X4.1 Y3.4
N0435 g01 z-0.05
N0440 X4.6 Y3.4
N0445 g00 z0.05
N0450 X4.9 Y3.1
N0455 g01 z-0.05
N0460 X4.6 Y3.1
N0465 X4.6 Y2.9
N0470 X4.9 Y2.9
N0475 X4.9 Y2.6
N0480 X4.6 Y2.6

I don't know how much of the page this takes up, Now for the robot im working on, it should be up soon.

Friday, July 10, 2009


HI guys, im back, sorry I haven't been making robots lately, and sorry I let you all down, but... New robots coming soon... say like about a week or more, but... THEY'RE COMING!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Soldering skills revealed!!!

Hey Followers, Youtubers, and all of you just visiting, I learned my Soldering skills today, from the date I wrote this. And if you want to Solder yourself, you can get them from here:

I didn't get it there though "I'll keep you posted where I got it," but let me tell you my experience. It was a little scary, but not nearly as scary when I was trying to weld, but I actually did a very good job. I noticed that you have to keep the Iron on the joint for at least the count: 1, 2, 3, and then take it off, and you have a good joint. If you are doing it for the very first time like me, have a partner who knows how to do it, and it is actually more helpful than doing it by yourself. Now I have good soldering skills from a quick experience. See yall.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New trialtank contest!!!

New contest, All the information is in the challenges blog, mostly the same thing as the last. and make a movie and reply on my video.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Youtube accounts!!!

I finally have youtube accounts, and the links are in the link box.