Sunday, August 24, 2008

Snowcat update

I know it isn't winter yet, but I wanted to make a snowcat for quite a few weeks, And here is one. Its detailes are: has studed tread links, Huge MOC fenders, snowplow blade, front and back Lights, spare tread links, And has a good strong base. I never will try my lego creations on snow, But I do test them on my rouphest lego parts. Built right after the trial tank, This has shocks "which is optional." If you want to see more pics, Go to my NXTLOG page.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Trialtank contest

Now that you heard about the contest in the trialtank update, CONTEST RULES!!!

1: you need to have MINDSTORMS or POWER FUNCTIONS to enter this contest.

2: it has to be a tank.

3: Use treads or tread links.

4: NO foreign products allowed except for LEGO!!!

5: It should go in one of three courses "snow,rocks,dirt, ect."

6: Or it can go in all courses "even the ones I didn't Mention."

7: Or go over lots of pieces (LEGO) duh.

8:Play and build well.

9: remember to email me a movie.

10:Most of all HAVE FUN!!!

Prizes will be CDs with LDD versions of tank structures.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Trialtank update

All these pics Are part of My NXTLOG page but won't come up until sunday, Because it would not be moderated all weekend. This Has the grip it needs for it to go pretty much anywhere "Snow, Dirt, rocks, ect." Because of this tread link in picture 5. Reason why it has a wheel in back is the same reason as dragsters need catch wheels, Not that it goes fast, it just has difficulty when its climbing something.
Contest: I Want you to make a test trial tank "MINDSTORMS or Power functions are okay" It has to be a tank, It should be able to go up rocks, handle snow, dirt, Ect.
It can be lego tread or tread links, NO! foriegn products allowed. Email a Movie at
to ask questions, comments, or movies is acceptable
Remember to not use swear words, Thats all I say.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


My most creative creations yet. I have made not a cube but a rectangular prizm "which is why it says P.R.I.Z.M ." This picture shows how It does not have the studed links "go see My trialtank to see what I mean." It also has a piece that Some people do not add, a transaxle, For it to go in any direction, make it sort of connect the other axle, And makes it more stylish. For those who are experts at putting a certain wire in a certain position, you do what you want because it won't flip in all directions. Go to my NXTLOG page To see more pics for it.