Friday, August 22, 2008

Trialtank update

All these pics Are part of My NXTLOG page but won't come up until sunday, Because it would not be moderated all weekend. This Has the grip it needs for it to go pretty much anywhere "Snow, Dirt, rocks, ect." Because of this tread link in picture 5. Reason why it has a wheel in back is the same reason as dragsters need catch wheels, Not that it goes fast, it just has difficulty when its climbing something.
Contest: I Want you to make a test trial tank "MINDSTORMS or Power functions are okay" It has to be a tank, It should be able to go up rocks, handle snow, dirt, Ect.
It can be lego tread or tread links, NO! foriegn products allowed. Email a Movie at
to ask questions, comments, or movies is acceptable
Remember to not use swear words, Thats all I say.

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