Sunday, January 3, 2010

EFORSB v2 Update

Here it is, my newest robot... The EFORSB v2, the second version of the first one I made about a year ago.
This robot doesn't have a program yet, but it will have one unlike the first one. And you will see it on the NXTLog when I made the program. You may have noticed the new spot from the Mini Brutal Sumo v2. Here is the link to It's MOCPages:
It will be uploaded on the NXTLog as soon as I finish the RobotC program, right now im just evaluating RobotC, and just getting used to it.
Updates for the robot video probably won't come for a while, I need to edit it, because it was having issues with youtube, but it will come. Thanks.


  1. do you have a video of that thing yet?

  2. yeah, I still need to work on it though, because when I posted it, it was saying things like "this material has copyright things in it" so I need to think of something else.