Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Set

I got a new set, Like the thunder driller, only a... different set so to speak. Im really getting more interested in Power miner stuff right now, so I got this set for $12 less when it was on sale, I thought that was a good deal. Anyways, I will use pieces of it for future Robot creations. Like its possible that I might make a bulldozer out of the hub-caps on it. If you ever see it online somewhere though, buy it, it is really neat, plus its a Special Edition set. Well enough about this post, I will still need to work on the movie, but its doing fine, may have to be muted though. So to finish this post out, see ya'll in the next post.


  1. COOL! $12! Where did you find THAT good of a deal? Bricklink?
    jojoguy10 -

  2. I actually said I got the set for $12 dollars less than its original price, and I bought it from lego by the way.